To you all,

So, the homecoming float builds are coming along, but we need your  
help to finalize everything by Friday morning. The floats are being  
constructed at Girls Place Inc. (formerly known as Girl's Club of  
Alachua County) which is located on 39th Ave in between 13th and 34th.  
Please arrive at the Girls Place today (Sunday) from 6 PM - 8 PM  
during prime time to get involved in this rewarding event. We will  
likely be there later into the night. Please contact me if you need a  
ride or directions - 407.716.4305. Fortunately our floats are on the  
baseball diamond and we can work after dark by turning the lights on.

Here is the exact address:
2101 NW 39th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32605-2303

Thanks to Casey, Shawn, Jimmy, Katie, Vivek, Obul, and Christopher for  
helping out these past few days! We've come a long way.

If you weren't aware about the Homecoming details, we do not have  
school on Friday due to the Homecoming festivities. The 85th Annual UF  
Homecoming parade will begin at 11:00 AM on University Ave. from the  
O' Connell Center parking lot. The parade will march down University  
Ave. and will conclude on Main St. around 3 pm. This year, we are  
playing the University of Kentucky and our kickoff is at 12:30 PM on  
Saturday in the Swamp.

BTW, the parade will be televised by WUFT so if you cannot make it out  
there. You can still watch the event.

Here is a snippet of the submission last week of our parade application:

The GARC co-float features a 21 foot Gator atop a horizontally mounted  
portable emergency radio tower. When disaster strikes, this tower is  
erected vertically with antennas atop at a height of 50 ft in the air.  
GARC marchers are carrying their handheld transmitters known as HTs.  
Also a handheld portable satellite antenna is being carried by one of  
the members, a HT is plugged into this antenna and pointed in the  
direction of an orbiting satellite for communication contacts known as  
For the SSDC co-float, the theme is Road to the “Swamp”Sat. What is  
SwampSat? SwampSat is a 4-inch cube satellite known as a CubeSat. UF  
students are building SwampSat in house. GARC provides the path of  
communications for the SwampSat mission. Girls Place is one of the  
outreach programs of these organizations and will be providing  
creative ideas of their own for the SSDC/GARC floats. The girls will  
be assisting in constructing a model of the Earth which we plan to  
spin on our float. In addition, there will be several different models  
of small satellites which range from the size of a softball case to a  
refrigerator. The SwampSat is the size of a softball case. Onboard the  
float is a softball case with plastic models of the SwampSat hardware.
Dante Buckley
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