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Dear Folks,

Since some of you asked me to send them a list of answers, which I got from 
the SOCNET-list, I post it here for share.


Moosung Lee
University of Minnesota

See the following -- it might be useful to you (despite the title).
Oh, H., Chung, M-H., & Labianca, G. (2004) "Group Social Capital and Group
Effectiveness: The Role of Informal Socializing Ties." Academy of Management
Journal, 47: 860-875.

I'm not sure if it's relevant for your research but we (see my
colleagues in CC) work with an ego-centric approach on very large
networks (like 2M links).  For this we compute, for each node, some
properties of its ego-network.
It's work in progress (and still not written in english).
Anyway i hope you will post on the list a synthesis of the answers you
get... and of course some news about your forthcoming results...
Christophe Prieur,

Re conversion of a set of egonet data to whole nets, Caroline
Haythornthwaite and I once wrote a paper on how to do this, using SAS
code. Actually, Caroline did all the hard work (code, testing); I did some
of the writing. Warning, it is olde, but may provide some useful ideas. It
was published in Karl Van Meter's always-useful journal.
Caroline Haythornthwaite and Barry Wellman. "Using SAS to Convert
Ego-Centered Networks to Whole Networks." Bulletin de Methode Sociologique
No. 50 (March, 1996): 71-84
Barry Wellman

Nice to know you folks are working together
and thinking about the "BMS". That's the way
we like to work.
BTW, Barry and Caroline's article isn't yet up
on the Web free at, but since
it's our official policy down, I can perhaps dig up
an original copy and send it out by email (depends
on the quality of the digital copy).
All the best,

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