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Hi everybody,


As this is my first post, I thought I'd introduce myself. I am a
postdoctoral researcher, working on personal networks with a particular
emphasis on time and cognitive constraints on network size and how social
relationships are maintained over time.


I am also interested in the area of passive vs. active networkers, in
relation to exploring some of the large variation that is typically found in
network size.


I came across this paper, which may be relevant.


Totterdell, P., Holman, D. & Hukin, A. (2008). Social networkers: Measuring
and examining individual differences in propensity to connect with others.
Social Networks, 30 (4), 282-296.


Best wishes,




Dr Sam Roberts,

Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology,

University of Oxford,

64 Banbury Road,

Oxford,   OX2 6PN


Tel: 01865 612376



Homepage:  <>


TESS Project:  <>




Dear Socnetters,


Erin Weinkauf and I are trying to get a handle on those people who actively
network -- go out and find friends, make social arrangements, etc. -- and
those who passively let their ties happen.


Kinda the proactive side of hubs and connectors, as Erin pointed out to me.


We would greatly appreciate it if you would point us to literature on the
subject. You could either post to the list or send to Erin, who will collate
and summarize your responses and get back to you.


Erin would also Love your attachments, to save her the schlep of finding the
papers themselves.


Soon is better than later.


Yours in network/ing,


 Barry Wellman





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