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Analysing Innovation Networks for Sustainable Energy Technologies:

Perspectives from Innovation Systems Approaches and Social Network Analysis


Organized by the 

·       IFZ - Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and

in co-operation with 

·       FAS.research


Graz, Austria; 26-27 November 2008


Deadline for Registration: 12 November 2008



Within the last years a number of conceptual approaches and methodological
tools have been developed in the social sciences that help to explain the
dynamics of sectoral, technological or regional innovation systems, making
specific reference to network concepts. 


Within the Science and Technology studies literature, frequent reference is
made to Carlsson and Stankiewicz defining a technological system as
‘networks of agents interacting in a specific economic/industrial area under
a particular institutional infrastructure’. This network view has been taken
up by various strands of work, analysing innovation systems in terms of
emerging socio-technical constellations (Markard, Truffer) or functional
components (Bergek, Jacobsson, Hekkert). Among other things, the
functionality or disfunctionality of the underlying innovation network has
been pointed out as an issue deserving closer attention. However, the
networks typically are not mapped out and analysed in any detail. 


A different range of concepts and tools for the study of innovation systems
comes from the area of Social Network Analysis. Whereas qualitative analysis
provides the comprehensive characterisation of an innovation field, Social
Network Analysis concentrates on the detailed representation and analysis of
its network structures. One important aspect is the pattern and the content
of the supply chain networks which exist in an innovation field. Apart from
producing descriptive maps of actors, various indicators can be developed
and applied that help to assess the performance of a particular network


Focus and Aims

The workshop ‚Analysing Innovation Networks for Sustainable Energy
Technologies’ will bring together researchers involved in the analysis of
innovation networks both from the perspective of innovation systems analysis
and from  Social Network Analysis. A particular emphasis will be on
innovation networks in the area of sustainable energy technologies. In
particular, the workshop will


·       Reflect on the respective contributions that can be made to the
understanding of innovation processes and innovation networks based on
various approaches and methodologies.

·       Ask in what way the approaches can be fruitfully combined.

·       Ask how the analyses of innovation processes can form a basis for
policy recommendations and strategy development. 



The 1½-day Workshop will take place in Graz, Austria, from 26-27 November


The Workshop is related to the research project ‘Innovation Network
Renewable Energy Technologies: Strenghts, Weaknesses and Potentials in the
Province of Styria’ (Inno-Net RET-Styria) carried out jointly by the IFZ and


The workshop will include a limited number of formal presentations as well
as ample time for discussion.


The workshop ends on Thursday, November 27 around lunchtime.  

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.  


For registration and further information please contact

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