Our "Assessment and Learning Center" is moving to a new building in a month
or two (hooray!), and we're trying to determine what to move.  Before we
decide on the fate of our video library (mostly math tutorial, study skills,
and career guidance/major choice topics), we wanted to get your input:
1) Do you currently maintain a video library (in-house, not just online)?
2) If yes, could you send us usage statistics?
3) If you get "ok usage" could you tell us how you promote/advertise?

We have had, perhaps, one person use a video in the past 2+ years...but we
don't promote them at all.  Though I suspect everyone uses online video
clips or tutorials, we would like to know the trends in other Learning
Centers to justify ridding ourselves of these old videos.  :)
Thanks for your input,

Mark Walvoord
Assistant Director
Assessment and Learning Center, University College
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019

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