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In one of our training sessions, Walt, one of my tutor's, related a incident he had observed while tutoring this summer.  He had observed Cherno, a young man who has been tutoring at our center for almost five years. I asked Walt to write it up and I think it's worth sharing:

One day I was in the Learning Center when Cherno was helping a couple of students in math. One student he was working with began speaking louder and louder.
"You mean you won't help me with just this one answer?" he asked.
"No," Cherno answered patiently. "That's not our job here. You see this example? It's just like your problem. Work through it. I'll help you with it if you need help. Then you'll know how to do all problems like it, including the one you want the answer for."
The student persisted. "It's just this one problem. It would take a lot less time just to tell me the answer. I have a test on this in an hour."
"But if I help you understand how to do it, you'll be able to solve any problem like it. If I tell you the answer, you'll only be able to do that one problem."
The student's voice got louder. "This is no help." He started gathering up his books and papers. "I'm going to the library." He stalked out of the room. Cherno calmly turned to the other student he had been helping.
Fifteeen minutes later, the student was back. He said in a voice that could be hear by everyone in the room, "I got it! I figured how to do the problem!"
I would have been tempted to reply: "See? I told you," or words to that effect.
Cherno replied, smiling, "And how did that make you feel?"
The student smiled in turn, sat down next to Cherno, and got back to work.
I''ve seen him several times in the Learning Center since then, working with Cherno.

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