Hello all,

I am wondering if I could get a little help here.

  I know that I have read about and we often talk about the peer group  
being the factor with the single greatest impact on academic success.   
Does anyone have any actual articles that state this.  I'm wanting to  
put this in my Success Center planning document as a need for  
successful, diverse, and effective tutors and SI leaders working in  
the center. Basically I want to document and cite that successful peer  
educators, either tutors or SI leaders, who reflect the diversity of  
students on campus and are selected, trained, and supervised are  
perfect for providing a supportive learning environment and shaping  
students love of learning and because of this they successfully impact  
the tutees or student's academic success.

Any Help?  Does anyone have any studies that document this notion?   
Thanks in advance for your input!


Todd S. Phillips
Director, Student Success Center
Truman State University
112B Kirk Building
100 East Normal Street
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660)785-4118 fax
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