85CBB7CBE0FA8FC88A83B> November/December 2008 Data Notes: Outcome
Differences by Developmental Status and Gender

Developmental education is an important part of the community college
mission. Because there has been such a large increase in the number of
female undergraduates, the difference in developmental needs and outcomes
between male and female students has become increasingly important. The
following analysis shows that persistence and academic progress of males are
different from those of females for both those referred to developmental
courses and those who were not referred. Female students who were referred
to developmental education were much more likely to persist and to
outperform their male counterparts; female students earned higher grade
point averages, completed more of the credits they attempted, and were more
likely to persist into the second term, and second and third years. Data
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Lumina's Focus Magazine Covers Developmental Education and Achieving the
Dream's Role 

The current issue of 'Lumina Foundation Focus' magazine explores the growing
effort to enhance developmental education in the nation's colleges and
universities. This issue, titled 'Remediation Redux,' includes details about
Achieving the Dream and offers an in-depth look at developmental education
programs on three campuses, including Valencia Community College, a longtime
participant in the initiative. See

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