Hello friends


Our Disability Support Services office has not, historically, provided
testing accommodations for our law school students. They have in the
past been taken care of by an office within the law school itself. They
are now seeking our support for proctoring their exams and they list
private room as an accommodation. While I completely understand the need
for a separate, distraction-free testing environment, is a private room
going overboard? The amount of staffing needed in order to provide this
depth of support is overwhelming.


Can someone who provides accommodations for this level of graduate work
provide some insight? We do not provide private rooms for testing for
our other students eligible for this accommodation.


Thank you,



Karyn L. Schulz, Ed.D.

Interim Director

Disability Services

University of Baltimore

Division of Student Affairs

P: (410) 837-4141

F: (410) 837-4932

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