Hi All-

A few minutes ago my sister Terese called from Sebastian Inlet State Rec Area with a very intriguing report.  One of her co-workers working in the area between the South Jetty and beach called her to say that he had just witnessed a bird "waddle into the water" from the beach and swim off, and that it reminded him of a penguin.  Terese showed him the various alcids in her field guide and he identified it as a Razorbill based on the white lines on the bill.  Hopefully this bird can be re-located and its identity confirmed.

Terese also said that the bait fish are swarming at the mouth of the inlet and the birds are everywhere feeding on them, in case any of you are able to get by there this afternoon.

Take care all.  Greg

Gregory J. Harber
Birmingham, AL
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"It's never too late to have a happy childhood."
Tom Robbins

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