Early in December, 2007, I photographed two Bald Eagles courting and 
mating on a rooftop of a home across from our home on a small South 
Florida lake. They went on to nest in a small (24 acre) wooded area near 
a busy intersection in Pembroke Pines, only 100 yards from a main 
thoroughfare and surrounded by development. The birds fledged one chick 
in April, 2008. Since then, a new High School has opened within a few 
blocks of the nest site, and school-related traffic congestion has 
increased tremendously.

Since DDT was banned, the eagles have recovered in recent years and now 
there are over 1,200 nesting pairs in Florida. Yet, this was the first 
record of an active Bald Eagle nest in Broward County this century. Now 
the birds are bringing in sticks and appear ready to start another 
brood. A group of local Middle School students are designing a study to 
determine whether traffic density is related to any changes in the 
birds' behavior.

We are following the progress of the nest and the students' activities 
at this Web site:


Kenneth C. and Mary Lou Schneider
Miramar, Florida 33029

Web site:

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