Hello everyone,
I am an enthusiastic birder and photographer from Wisconsin and I will be taking a vaction to Florida next week. I plan to visit Merrit Island NWR and one or two other spots near the Refuge. I would really appreciate any tips on where to go, what kind of specialty birds are there, and when I should go. Here are a few other nearby spots I was considering. If you have any comments on whether I really should or shouldn't go to these places, PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Parrish Park
Hatbill Park
Orlando Wetlands Park
Blue Heron Wetlands Treatment Facility
Kelly Park
Jetty Park
River Breeze Park
Blue Springs State Park

In addition, I plan to visit Venice Rookery, Ding Darling NWR, and Little Estero Lagoon. I hear that these places are amazing, I just want to make sure that currently they are accessable and worthwhile.
Thanks to everyone in advance for the help
You can see my wildlife photos at:

Evan Barrientos
Milwaukee, WI

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