On 12/10/08, John Glover <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I have found making contacts here very simple.
I've been a member for not quite a year and agree with John.  Pretty
simple to use.  I don't have nearly the number of contacts other
esteemed colleagues on the listserve have but am working on it.

I have noticed that their search capability for both contacts and
groups has greatly improved since I first joined.  And yes it is not a
perfect system and can be clumsy at times.  But unlike other social or
professional networks that I've belonged to in the past, it is free.

> I find it much more useful than the ARMA Forum.
Roger on that - much more activity on the LinkedIn Groups. Since ARMA
no longer has ISGs I've started using the Groups as a way to network
with others in my industry, as someone previously suggested.  In fact,
other than paying my membership dues and searching for IMJ articles, I
no longer have a need to visit ARMA's website.

Bruce L. White, CRM, PMP
Orange County, CA
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