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> Date: December 11, 2008 1:04:03 PM EST
> Subject: Virtual Threats

In this recent issue of STORAGE Vo. 7 N0. 11 December 2008 (If you  
are keeping track) there is an article DR for Virtualized Servers and  
the author states "  ..... the ease of deploying virtualized servers  
bears the risk of spawning new servers running critical applications  
without the necessary data protection and disaster recovery (DR).   
Moreover, data protection and DR in virtual environments pose a  
variety of challenges, AND (my capitals)  processes deployed for the  
physical infrastructure may not work (or work differently) for  
virtualized servers."

There is a quote in the article from Symantec Annual Disaster  
Recovery Research Report that provides this data: ..."35% of virtual  
servers aren't covered under the organizations' Disaster Recovery  
Plan; in addition, only 37% of those surveyed back up all of their  
virtual servers."

Keep in mind this is a magazine that is very favorable to the IT  
crowd.  This is like their Mother calling them fat and ugly.  (Man, I  
know how that hurts!! I deserved it but still.....! )

Now while they are pointing out the errors of their ways, they speak  
of how easy the virtual servers are to protect but that in the rush  
to new equipment no one thought about "What happens if something  

My point here, on a records management Listserve is that this kind of  
information is gold to a records manager trying to hold on to their  
job, trying to garner a raise or in bolstering some plan that RM is  
presenting to management.

I use a Mac, so I am the last guy to point out how to run an IT  
department but
I think talking this out is good for all of us.  If you feel  
differently please carry that  torch forward as you present the flip  
side and believe me, IT will present an argument like yours so we all  
gain talking through both sides of the issue.

Jay, in detail, tell me why we should be careful going into a meeting  
and pointing out some of this, or asking "Are all of our Virtual  
Servers back up?"  or  "What if we are required to data map this and  
then an accident happens on a server we don't even know is part of  
our critical apps?"

What can I do?  No one ever asks me questions about fireproof vaults,  
so I am forced to talk about things I know nothing about.  But even  
the court Jester can be helpful if he alerts the Castle to a kitchen  

Ahhh, fire.  I know about fire. Alas.........   :~)

But don't stop the debate Jay.  This is where we learn.  I am honest  
Tell us what the IT guy will say to refute what I am saying.

But I bet given the facts, John Phillips argument would make the CEO  
stop and think; and, hopefully act.

Hugh Smith
FIRELOCK Fireproof Modular Vaults
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