I think that the files you are referencing are mislabeled (or if you prefer inappropriately classified).  You cannot have original personnel files for your contractors -- those are held by the  employer  not the customer.  One should be careful about treating contractors as employees since this may create unanticipated legal issues

As for these files, you may have documentation on their performance which is used to support contract management, validate invoices or for some other purposes. In my view the retention should be largely driven by the purpose for which these files are created/maintained.

David Gaynon

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Greetings all,

Does any one have any feedback on how to classify personnel files for contract employees working on company projects?  They are not company employees, so their records do not necessarily fit under the traditional "personnel file" file series.  The records which we have on them are originals and not convenience copies.  Any suggestions on how to classify?

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