70 plus birders covered South Pinellas County on Saturday Dec. 20th for the 72nd consecutive St. Pete CBC. On foot, by car, in kayaks and even by Golf Cart we blanketed the count circle from 12:01 AM until 6:00 PM. Over half the participants were out early calling Owls and Rails. We logged a potential St. Pete CBC record 163 species with 3 review species. In addition, we recorded at least 224 Eastern Screech-Owls which will easily best the National CBC record of 191 we set last year. Our Co-compilers Dave Goodwin and Ron Smith helped field an expert and motivated group and each group managed to chip in important species that helped us to our best CBC total in many years. As the Coordinator in charge of recruiting volunteers to supplement our strong local contingent, I'd like to give special thanks to those who traveled from far and wide to help on the St. Pete CBC. Despite a heavy fog which didn't lift until after 10:00 AM we still managed to get many species that are rare f!
 or our count circle, Ron Smith provided inspiration and expertise on his website. Ron along with David Laliberte started Owling at 12:01 AM, while others like myself started at 2:45 or 3:30. The list of interesting species is as follows.

Canada Goose
Snow Goose
Wood Duck
American Wigeon
Greater Scaup ( review species )
Northern Gannet
Magnificent Frigatebird
Broad-winged Hawk
Purple Gallinule
Piping Plover
Black-necked Stilt
American Woodcock
Barn Owl
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Carolina Chickadee
Golden-crowned Kinglet ( review species )
Eastern Bluebird
Northern Parula
Chipping Sparrow
Grasshopper Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow


Don Margeson
St. Petersburg

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