The Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) program is funded through National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop an integrative and interdisciplinary program that links NSF-funded student-based research and training programs at UF.

The I3 program is pleased to announce a special photography and writing contest among graduate students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and social, behavioral and economic  sciences (SBE) disciplines who are currently supported through NSF funding (e.g., IGERT, SEAGEP, NSF Graduate Research Fellowships).

The contest has 3 photography categories (research object, research process/environment and human element) and 2 written categories (best/worst day of research and brief biographical entry). The purpose of the contest is to generate engaging content for a general audience that showcases the UF graduate student research that will be posted in the Ił program website.

PHOTOGRAPHY CATEGORIES: Enter one category only

1. Research Object: An image of an object (e.g. cluster of cells in a Petri dish, a robot, a graph with mathematical calculations or piece of equipment) that is the focal point of your research.

2. Research Process or Environment: An image that displays the overall process of your research or the environment in which the research is taken place.

3. Human Element: An image that shows outreach to general public (e.g. explaining a lab procedure to an undergraduate, running a course with schoolchildren, collecting data in an urban environment with a crowd of curious bystanders).
Photos will be judged on aesthetic quality and clarity in demonstration of the scientific research process. All photos should include a brief caption describing the image, place and date taken.

WRITTEN CATEGORIES: Enter one category only

1. Best/Worst Day of Research: A brief (up to 500 words) narrative about the best, worst or most interesting research event that occurred during summer 2009. The narrative should be written for general public.

2. Brief Biographical Entry: A brief biographical article (up to 500 words) which addresses one or more of the following questions: 1) reasons to choose science as a profession, 2) what do you like about science? and 3) your future goals and objectives as a scientist.
Written entries will be judged on communicating scientific research activities and outcomes in clear and understandable manner to general public.

AWARDS: Judges will award only one winning entry for each category. The winning entry will receive a $200 allowance to buy research equipment, supplies or fund research related travel. Total prizes to be awarded: $1,000. The winners will be announced at the NSF Research Day on October 13, 2009. 

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by 5:00 PM on September 28th 2009 to [log in to unmask]

Submission instructions, complete rules and award information will soon be posted at the upcoming program website: