Dear new and returning students - welcome to the new academic year!

Please refer often to the graduate school website at for new announcements, and to find additional resources to help you achieve your graduate degree.  

To get you started:
1. Graduate Catalog
The catalog for 2009-2010 is posted at
A. graduate school student webpage
The catalog is no longer produced in print or CD.

2. The Graduate Student Handbook is posted in pdf format at
Planners were not produced this year.

3.  A separate 2009-2010 Graduate School Academic Calendar is available at

4.  Change in calendar items:  Please note that there are no longer milestones listed as "Dissertation First Submission" or "Thesis First Submission".

The language has been changed to better reflect the actual activity that is required to complete this milestone.  

The new language is "Last day to submit dissertation for review by Graduate School Editorial Office" and "Last day to submit successfully defended thesis for review by Graduate School Editorial Office".

The Graduate School
University of Florida