The Alternative Fuels &Vehicles Conference + Expo, April 19-22 in Orlando at
the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin resort, is THE answer place for fleets.
Automotive, engineering, policy, environmental and economic experts deliver
the answers in more than 35 hours of sessions with 200 speakers. Add to that
a robust industry presence in the Expo Hall, which features more than 125
industry exhibitors and a Ride-n-Drive including the latest vehicles for
fleets, and the only thing left to add is you.


Budget conscious consumers need to watch the calendar as January 30 is the
early registration cut-off date. There is only one industry Conference
focused exclusively on all clean vehicle technologies and alternative fuels.
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Curious minds want to know, and in a time of uncertainty, knowledge is the
best armor for decision makers in the alternative fuel industry.

Top Ten Questions for 2009

1.      What will the automotive industry look like one year from now?

2.      Will gas prices go up and when?

3.      What environmental and transportation changes will come about under
the new administration?

4.      What alternatively fueled vehicles and advanced transportation
vehicles exist for purchase today?

5.      What is it going to cost to comply with the 2010 Environmental
Protection Agency emission standards?

6.      How do I take advantage of the new federal money available for
alternative fuels?

7.      When can I buy a plug-in hybrid?

8.      Will anticipated new, stringent air quality regulations require new
vehicle purchases?

9.      How do I assess the life cycle cost for AFVs?

10.  What has caused the recent surge in infrastructure development and will
that continue?

The Alternative Fuels &Vehicles Conference + Expo,April 19-22 in Orlando, is
THE answer place for fleets.Automotive, engineering, policy,environmental
and economicexperts deliver the answers inmore than 35 hours of sessions
with 200 speakers. Add to that arobust industry presence in theExpo Hall,
which features morethan 125 industry exhibitors anda Ride-n-Drive including
thelatest vehicles for fleets, andthe only thing left to add isyou. 

Budget conscious consumers needto watch the calendar as January 30 is the
earlyregistration cut-off date.There is only one industryConference focused
exclusivelyon all clean vehicletechnologies and alternativefuels. Sign up
today for AF&V2009, THE answer place

About <>  AFVi: AFVi is anentrepreneurial
organizationthat works through industry tobring people in need of
proventransportation technologiestogether with those who can meettheir
needs. AFVi is theeducation provider andinformation link between
thealternative fuels and vehiclesindustry and public/commercialfleets.
AFVi's primary focus isto help improve transportationfuels and technologies,
whileminimizing environmentalimpacts. AFVi is fuel andtechnology neutral.



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