Verenium Announces First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Project;

36M Gallons per Year

Verenium Corporation will build its first commercial-scale 
cellulosic ethanol facility in Highlands County, Florida. The 
Company has entered into long-term agreements with Lykes Bros. 
Inc., a multi-generation Florida agri-business to provide the 
agricultural biomass for conversion to fuel. Verenium also 
announced that the Highlands Ethanol project has been awarded a $7 
million grant as part of Florida???s ???Farm to Fuel??? 

Verenium anticipates breaking ground on this facility in the 
second half of this year, and expects to start producing fuel in 
2011. Additional jobs will be created during the 18-to-24 months 
of construction on the plant, which is estimated to cost between 
$250 and $300 million to build.

Verenium???s conversion process originated from technology 
developed by a team led by Dr. Lonnie Ingram at the University of 
Florida and originally licensed by Celunol.

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