Hi Mark,

I am a student in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering and am currently 
working with Dr.Ingley on several solar energy projects and 
competitions. I am involved with the solar energy race team and helping 
build the Photon, a solar powered bicycle here at UF with the American 
Solar Energy Society.  Dr.Ingley is acting as an advisor on several of 
these projects. I am also in charge of the solar photovoltaic systems at 
the IFAS Biodiesel facility. I know of one competition you might be 
interested in for entering your Stirling engine. Feel free to get into 
contact with either Dr.Ingley or myself about these projects or 


Eric Layton
UF Biodiesel Project
Frazier-Rogers Hall
Cell: 863.430.5472

Kathleen Pagan wrote:
> lists competitions sponsored by Design21 Social Design Network, a UNESCO partnership.
> There are no solar engine projects currently but you may wish to browse the site in the next few months since more competitions will be added.
> Kathleen Pagan, AICP, Sr. Planner 
> 352-374-5249
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> Hey Besters,
> I'm a student at UF who is building a solar powered Stirling 
> engine with Dr. Ingley of the Mechanical Engineering department.  
> With any luck, this engine should be completed by early June.  I'm 
> emailing the listserve to ask if anyone knows any competitions 
> between students working with renewable resources or alternative 
> energy.  Thanks.
> Mark Kalivoda
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