Energy options brew in Brevard.
FLORIDA TODAY, January 4, 2009.

"Florida, with its sunny climate, and the Space Coast, with its science
savvy, stand poised to become key players, helping to shift the balance
of energy power away from hostile and terrorism-funding nations.

This bioenergy revolution is cropping up in unexpected places.

In the garage of a remote house off Grant Road, scientists with Florida
Syngas LLC use temperatures hot enough to nearly melt metal to transform
waste glycerol from hog and chicken fat into energy.

In glowing green tubes and in tanks at a former Fellsmere greenhouse
operation, chemical engineers at PetroAlgae prod microalgae to grow
1,000 times faster than in nature, yielding a thick oil for biodiesel.

And in old citrus fields northwest of Sebastian, Global Renewable Energy
harvests a sweet sorghum it says nets three times the energy as ethanol
from corn.

Much of the science behind biofuels spawned from NASA and other
government research programs launched to combat the Organization of
Petroleum Exporting Countries' 1973 oil embargo.

The spike in oil prices last year renewed interest in alternative fuels.

But the prospects for biofuel startups, such as those in Brevard and
Sebastian, could depend on how long the recent return to cheap oil lasts."

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