Flush hour: Oslo to run buses powered by biomethane from human sewage
The Guardian, UK, January 28, 2009

"OSLO: Free, friendly and non-fossil  biomethane from human waste will
soon power public transport in the capital city.

Until recently raw sewage has been seen as a waste disposal problem
rather than a power source. Now Norway's capital city is proving that
its citizens can contribute to the city's green credentials without even
realising it.

With Norway's ambitious target of being carbon neutral by 2050 Oslo City
Council began investigating alternatives to fossil fuel-powered public
transport and decided on biomethane.

Biomethane is a by-product of treated sewage. Microbes break down the
raw material and release the gas, which can then be used in slightly
modified engines. Previously at one of the sewage plants in the city
half of the gas was flared off, emitting 17,00 tonnes of CO2. From
September 2009, this gas will be trapped and converted into biomethane
to run the city's public buses.

The city's diesel public buses will only require minor modifications to
their engines to run on methane, which is stored on tanks on top of the
vehicles. The only noticeable difference will be how quietly they drive.

The city's two sewage plants have enough biomethane to provide fuel for
the 80 buses, but if the trial is successful Oslo city council plans to
convert all 400 of the public buses to run on biogas. The biogas will be
created from a mixture of biomethane and biogas from the incineration of
kitchen waste from the capital's restaurants and domestic kitchens.
Eventually, the council hopes that cars will also be able to run on
biogas sourced locally from biomethane and converted kitchen waste."

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