Hi:  There are at least six seminars on the attached list that should be of interest to BESTers.  Enjoy.

Dr. Stephen R. Humphrey, Director of Academic Programs,
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Please forward to folks in your area that may be interested.


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Marie, can you send this to the list.

Sherry, can you send this to any other lists or agencies to which we typically send our seminar announcements (e.g., SURF, FWC, USGS, Sea Grant, etc.)


Hello SFRC,

Welcome back!  We are pleased to announce the spring 2009 SFRC seminar series.  As many of you know we have decided to combine the seminar series for Forestry/Geomatics with Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.  We have also attempted to select a few speakers with research programs the cut across our disciplines.  In doing so, we hope you will find interest in both series and make the trip to see a few at the other location.  This year, the Forestry seminars are focused on the theme of carbon dynamics and carbon sequestration, highlighting work of scientists associated with the newly-established Carbon Resources Science Center.  The PFAS seminars will cover a variety of topics to capture the diverse interests of SFRC faculty. The series will begin this Friday January 9th with a seminar in 112 Newins-Ziegler and thereafter alternate with seminars at PFAS. We will continue to post announcements at each location and send out email announcements the week of the seminar. All seminars will be on Fridays 3 - 4 pm with light refreshments at 2:45.  We have an excellent group of speakers, so please mark your calendars!

If you have any questions or would like to arrange meetings with any of the speakers please contact one of the seminar series coordinators: Tim Martin (Forestry/Geomatics), Don Behringer (PFAS), or Mete Yilmaz (PFAS).


Don, Tim, and Mete
Donald C. Behringer PhD
Research Assistant Professor
University of Florida
SFRC Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
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