A quick anecdote: A Classics prof was talking to our writing people after he
received a shock. He wondered to himself why only 2 of his 20 students did
well on a writing assignment. The next day, he received a standard note from
our office saying that those two students had come in for writing help. He
was sold, and is now one of our cheerleaders.

Should I try this with other profs? I'm a stats teacher and the director
here of a combined lab. I'd love to try some experiments. Here's a sample I
thought up:
"Dear Professor Q.
You asked about our services, and we'd like to see if we're helping as well.
Send us two lists of names, and we'll tell you how many of each list came in
for writing help in the last two weeks. Don't tell us which group did well;
hopefully we'll tell you that!"

Risky? Probably. Has anyone tried something like this?


Dave Ehren
Director, Math Counselor
Macalester Academic Excellence (MAX) Center
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I am doing some of the many right things to do.

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