Hello Tamara,
I do a lot of work in this area myself with students. I don't refer to  
my work with students as "tutoring", but rather as "individual  
consultations". Students can seek out an individual consultation for   
any number of reasons, including, of course, reading. I can tell you  
that many of the sessions that I have that end up focusing on reading,  
do not start out having that aim. Often, students present the issue as  
time management or in some way course-specific, but upon discussion I  
judge it to be connected to reading. Having said that, I don't see  
reading as separate from other aspects of what might be called  
"academic work". When I work with students explicitly on reading  
individually, and when I address the topic in the courses that I  
teach, I often address the issue as "information management" or  
"reading efficiency". The issue is extremely common, but not fully  
understood, I don't think. On this campus, it is not unusual for  
students to  be assigned 4-7 books (often scholarly books) and a  
several hundred page reader (course packet) comprised of scholarly  
articles, excerpted book chapters and the like. Though not fully  
appreciated, reading multiple texts of a variety of genres for various  
purposes requires different knowledges, skills and strategies than  
reading textbooks in isolation. So, I am skeptical of students'  
statements that you report that the "understand" the material.  
According to whose criteria of understanding? And, for many university  
courses, understanding is the bare minimum of the kind of knowledge  
students are expected to demonstrate about assigned texts. That  
students see merely understanding and "getting through the material"  
as the aim, may well be a major part of the problem. While I work with  
many students on reading, the vast majority of students on campus-- 
though often struggling with reading expectations and demands--do not  
seek me or anyone else out for assistance. So, I'm not sure how you  
would get students to use the services you mention. In my program, my  
our study strategies mentors will definitely work on reading, and I  
believe the writing program tutors work on reading-related issues, but  
we do not offer a specifically designated reading tutoring format of  

On Jan 8, 2009, at 3:12 PM, Pratt, Tamara wrote:

> Has any one offered a tutoring session that focused on reading  
> effectiveness and wasn't subject specific? What did you call the  
> tutoring i.e. Reading tutoring, Reading effectiveness tutoring,  
> Accelerated reading tutoring???? Reading skills tutoring ....please  
> note, this would not be for developmental reading....
> Many of our intense reading courses seem to be high risk (for D, F,  
> or W) but when we offer tutoring, students aren't accessing it.  
> Those who do, say they understand the material but they just can't  
> get through the reading material to do well on the exams. Any  
> thoughts?
> Please reply to me privately.
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> Assessment and Learning Center
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