Hi All,

    We tried using modules for a basic math course and an elementary algebra course at cape Cod Community College several years ago with the hope (expectation) that students would accelerate their progress or complete the course series over time if they needed extra time. Students could repeat a module if they did not pass, since modules were offered continuously every semester. 

     Our results were exactly the opposite. Students would take one or two modules and then not complete the required number of three for each course. Part of the reason we surmised was that many students leave after one or two semesters so they cannot complete the modules. Others decide that they do not want to make the effort, since they find math hard. We have many support mechanisms here, such as a math learning center, individual tutoring, on line tutoring, plus a number of special programs. These did not seem to help our module students which is consistent with our in regular 3 credit course students. We have a pretty high attrition rate at the developmental level.


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