Lorraine and I birded Roosevelt Wetlands in mid Pinellas County today. A brisk SW wind kept the sparrows and wrens down but we had lots of birds to enjoy. The best birds were 2 Purple Gallinules. Other species of note seen at Roosevelt and along 28th St. are listed below.

32) Blue-winged Teal 24 at Roosevelt
4) Ring-necked Duck Roosevelt
1) Amercan Bittern 16th St.
1) Northern Harrier Roosevelt
1) Sharp-shinned Hawk Roosevelt
1) Red-shouldered Hawk 28th St.
2) Red-tailed Hawk 1 at Roosevelt
2) American Kestrel 1 at Roosevelt
1) Pied-billed Grebe 16th St.
1) Virginia Rail Roosevelt
1) Sora Roosevelt
30+) American Coot Roosevelt
8) Wilson's Snipe Roosevelt
1) House Wren Roosevelt
1) Eastern Phoebe Roosevelt
30) Yellow-rumped Warbler
45) Palm Warbler
3) Swamp Sparrow Roosevelt
1) Savannah Sparrow Roosevelt


Don Margeson
St. Petersburg

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