Florida birders,
The FOSRC has an upcoming meeting in early February and we have not 
received documentation for several of the fantastic species seen around 
the State recently that are on the review list (those species marked 
with an asterisk at 
. Documentation is currently lacking for Neotropic Cormorant, Masked 
Duck, Say's Phoebe, Cassin's Kingbird (Lake Co.),  several Iceland 
Gulls, Thayer's Gull, etc..  We re-assess birds that return in the 
following years (e.g., Say's Phoebe in Lake County).  FOSRC form are 
available are available on the web at the FOS wesite 
documentation should be sent to me, the Secretary.

I again would like to encourage all Florida birders to participate in 
the FOSRC review process by submitting FOSRC forms and additional 
documentation for review list species. In my opinion the FOSRC review 
process makes the birding tradition in Florida much more cohesive and 
transparent.  Nearly every State and Province on the continent has a 
similar review process, but they are only functional as long as the 
birding public participates.  In some States (California, Texa,), a good 
majority  of active birders submit documentation for every review bird 
they see, not just the ones they find.   Some of the best documentation 
that we have received lately has been by birders visiting Florida from 
outside the State. In Florida, only a small percentage of active birders 
participate fully in the process.  A case in point, only one photo (and 
no documentation forms) have been submitted  for the Harris's Sparrow in 
Alachau Co., which has probably been seen by100s of birders. 

Keep up the good birding,

Andy Kratter
Secretary, FOSRC

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