Possible weather birds in this yard, birds and animals in Chile:

This yard can get a variety of warblers and other birds taking advantage of 
insect hatches from the pond, but I see some unusual visitors. There is a 
little somebody with lots of blue and a brown-yellow guy that is not a Palm 
or Yellowrump. Also, a  Black and White warbler is keeping company with the 
local Downy Woodpeckers.

I was lining up a photo through the window when my Cockatiel Bernie flew up 
on my shoulder and startled everyone. I realized he looks vaguely like a 
Peregrine. The strong winds continued into the night, I should get another 
chance at a photo.

My newest vacation pix gallery is right on the journal instead of starting 
the discussion there and referring you over to pbase to see the full set of 

I will be grateful for your feedback on how this works for you. Please add 
your thoughts on the site using the comment function so it can be considered 
by other visitors as well as me.

And I hope you can confirm some of these animal & bird names. Link below.


Paul Francois

Holiday, SW Pasco Co. 

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