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Subject:  One very cooperative Kingfisher for birdPIX 
Hi all: 
On 011809 I visited Tierra Verde and Lake Maggorie Park. At Tierra Verde I shot images of Brown Pelican & Wilson's Plover.  

Afterwards I stopped at Lake Maggorie Park and shot Snowy Egret & Belted Kingfisher.  This Kingfisher at Lake Maggorie was extremely cooperative.  Normally no sooner than you stop to look at the beast it flies off for a more distance perch.

I have had other bird photographers tell me the same story.  Another difficult bird to photograph is the Kestrel.  I finally did get some decent images of this guy that I posted a while back.

The following links are for the species referred to [Snowy Egret, Brown Pelican, Wilson’s Plover & Belted Kingfisher]:

Snowy Egret		SNEG

Brown Pelican		BRPE

Wilson's Plover		WIPL

Belted Kingfisher		BEKI

Happy birding, 
David Laliberte 
St. Pete, FL


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