Hi FL Birders,

A friend and I are considering a south Florida trip in late 
April/early May and would like to get out to the Dry Tortugas, 
preferably for multiple days and to multiple keys. However, the price 
tag for the only 3-day trips we have found online is $1295 each. 
That's a bit steep for our current budgets. Do any of you know of a 
less expensive 3-day trip?

I also called Key West Information. They did not know of any of the 
3-day trips and suggested camping and renting kayaks. That seems like 
a lot of paddling to get to some of the other keys. Does anyone have 
any experience doing this? Is paddling to Loggerhead Key too much to 
ask of an overweight, out of shape, 62-year old?

Target birds in addition to the land migrants and Bahamian strays 
include both Noddies, Bridled and Roseate Terns, Red-footed Booby, 
White-tailed Tropicbird (if we get lucky) and the pelagics on the way 
there and back.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Good birding,

Steve Sosensky,
SoCA Bird Guides <steve at>
Nature Photos            
Optics4Birding <steve at>
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656       949-269-2161     33.56485 N, 117.72205 W

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