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Subject:  Sedge Wrens at Roosevelt Wetlands [birdPIX]

Hi all,

Late this afternoon, 012209, I found the Sedge Wrens at Roosevelt Wetlands – thanks Don Margeson for the tip.  He indicated that he had found two Wrens a couple of months ago.  I got glimpses of one and possibly a second Wren.  Earlier this afternoon I tried a couple of different areas to try find these guys.  I had submitted an RFI to try to find these Wrens.

This was not a lifer as I had observed my first one in coastal TX back in the early 90s.  Of course I did not own a camera then   so this bird today was a new one for my birdPIX collection. 

 These guys can be tough to get a good view of.  At time the only thing indicating their presence was the movement of the vegetation that they were moving about in.  I had to edit these three pix of the wren rather heavily so as to remove obstructing bits of vegetation.  Next time, in a few days, I’ll be back to try to get better pix of these Wrens.

The following links are to the images of this species.

Happy birding,

David Laliberte
St. Pete, FL


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