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From: T. Boone Pickens [mailto:[log in to unmask]] 
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009 5:05 PM
To: David PE
Subject: FW: National Clean Energy Project Summit webcast on Monday, 2/23 at
10:15 am ET


Remember to watch the National Clean Energy Summit webcast tomorrow (Monday)
morning by logging on to at 10:15 am EST.
I hope you can join us. 



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From the desk of T. Boone Pickens


This coming Monday I will be participating in the National Clean Energy
Project Summit hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund in
Washington, DC.  

The event will be broadcast on the Pickens Plan website so you can follow
the policy discussion - log on to at 10:15
am EST on Monday.

This event will feature a lot of people who know what they are talking about
when it comes to energy policy - including John Podesta from the Center for
American Progress Action Fund, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, President Bill
Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary
of Interior Ken Salazar, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Climate Czar
Carol Browner, Owens-Corning CEO Michael Thaman, American Electric Power
President & CEO Mike Morris, Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope,
American Wind Energy Association CEO Denise Bode, Riverkeeper Alliance Chief
Prosecuting Attorney Robert Kennedy, Jr. and many others.

The forum will focus on modernizing and expanding the electricity grid,
integrating energy efficiency and distributed generation into operation and
regulation, rapidly increasing transmission capacity for renewable energy
and reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil by examining short- and
long-term solutions to replace foreign oil with domestic resources to fuel
vehicles and trucks, including natural gas.

Join us by logging on to at 10:15 am EST
on Monday.

-- Boone 

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