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You are cordially invited to the Florida Electric Auto Association's
event of the year, "Battery Beach Burnout", at Florida Atlantic
Jupiter Campus on Saturday and Sunday, February 21-22, 2009.  Detailed
information is available at the event website:

"Battery Beach Burnout" is the largest electric vehicle event in the
Southeastern US.  This year we are expecting over 50 highway-capable
electric cars, including a Tesla Roadster and several US
Government-certified 120-mpg A123/Hymotion plug-in Priuses operated by
corporate, university, and agency fleets in Florida.  The two leading
charging infrastructure manufacturers, Clipper Creek and Coulomb
Technologies, will be demonstrating their charging stations.

We are also going to have government representation this year, with
agencies participating and bringing their electric vehicles, as well as
leaders of the state legislature, with major electric vehicle incentives
legislation being introduced into the legislature this year, plus full
media coverage.

Charles Whalen
Florida Electric Auto Association
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