I visited the Polk County landfill with John Schert,WOW!A lot of you
probably know all about it but I was blown away.The future! If you don't
know about it,check out the website.Chris

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Subject: Food Waste Friday #6: County in South Carolina to produce
energy from landfills

Happy Friday BESTSers,

        We all know that landfills are becoming full and there is 
less space to open new landfills.  In Alachua County we have five 
closed landfills and have to take our garbage elsewhere.  Because 
organic waste, including food waste, represents a large portion of 
municipal waste, anaerobically digesting these materials not only 
produces energy but can extend the lifespan of our landfills.  
This article is about a county in South Carolina that is turning 
their landfill into a powerplant.  Landfill gas will be collected 
and used for natural gas and electricity.  Biogas will be produced 
from food and yard waste and a biomass power plant will be 
constructed.  All in all they estimate the landfill will produce 
37 megawatts.  Not too bad for what we used to think of as a 
garbage dump.

Have a great weekend,