As I feared, I have to cancel today's class.  What I will do is post tonight's lecture on the class website NO LATER THAN 4 pm.  So, you can listen to it virtually (I hope you can hear through my stuffy nose).

I will update the syllabus and other materials at that time.

To turn in your homework, please do the following:  You can leave the homework in my mailbox before 5 pm, in HPNP 3145.  The door will be locked at 5 pm, and I'll open it tomorrow morning and get the assignments.

For students in CLAS, I'll ask Paul Perrin if he can offer an alternative location in Psychology.  If no, please turn your papers into HPNP 3145 as well.  Paul, feel free to send any alternative locations to [log in to unmask]

Previewing, for next week, there will be a critique (on discriminant functions), but no assignment.  All this will be on the updated syllabus.