The link I provided in the slides yesterday really does work.

That said, I have stored the macro under the Week06 list of files on the website.

You probably don't want to just "click" it--on many of your computers, that may open SPSS.

Instead, you want to right click it, and save it to your local directories.  Be sure to note your personal location that you saved it in, since you will need to "call" it in your SPSS syntax, as discussed last night.

Unfortunately, I know some of you are not so comfortable with syntax, but it is likely that Paul and I can't really offer you much other than emotional support.  Specific directories and other issues will vary on a computer-by-computer basis.  So, if you have troubles with the macro, I'd urge you to talk to your fellow students, or contact your department/college's IT support.  They're more likely to be able to help you with local issues.  Honestly, what you saw in the slides last night is exactly what worked for me on my computers.  No drama on my machines :-).