As an aside, I think it would be good to put questions like this on the blog, so we can all see them.

1. For WBNCE, yes, higher = better

2. I guess you could call that first canonical variate "cognition".  Since I know the domain, and since the standardized canonical loadings suggest you get higher scores on the variate if you do WELL on WBNCE but also if you do POORLY on seems to be more specific than "cognition".  One gets the sense that the variate is primarily and specifically defined by WBNCE.  But, we don't really care what you call it :-).

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1. For the wbnce items (verbal fluency) are higher or lower scores 

2. Also, is it acceptable to call the variate containing wbnce and 
pance "cognition"? That seems really general, but I am not very 
familiar these constructs and their associated tests so I am 
struggling to come up with a more descriptive name for the two.