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Dear colleague,

we are looking for qualified postdoc candidates (see below) at the 
Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) in Torino (Italy) and would be 
very grateful, if you could forward this information to potentially 
interested scientists.

Thank you very much for your help and best wishes from Torino,

				Vittorio Loreto

Dear Colleagues,

Applications are invited to fill one postdoctoral fellowship at the
Institute for Scientific Interchange Foundation (ISI) in Turin, Italy.
The candidate is expected to work in the stimulating area of
quantitative approaches to language dynamics and cognitive science.

A strong interest towards working in a highly interdisciplinary area
is an imperative requisite, the object of the postdoc involving issues
from different fields such as hard sciences (physics, mathematics and
computer science), linguistics, cognitive science and economics.  Good
modeling abilities and computer programming skills are appreciated,
but not mandatory.

The selected candidate will be able to design and perform research,
and he/she will have the freedom and the charge to help shaping the
research lines of the group.  Creative and motivated individuals are
therefore strongly encouraged to apply, regardless of their

The ISI Foundation offers a stimulating environment with different
groups working in interdisciplinary research on complex systems. The
duration of the fellowship is one year, and it is renewable for a
second year. We are able to guarantee competitive salaries.

Applications including a CV, a list of publications, and a description
of past research and future research interests, should be sent to
Vittorio Loreto ([log in to unmask]).  Applicants might be later
required to arrange for two letters of recommendation.

Applications will be considered upon their reception. Though we do not
fix a strict deadline we invite candidates to send their applications
by March 15th, 2009.

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