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Got this email today, thought SOCNET would be interested in how SNA is 
currently applied in parts of the  business world...

>  One of the most interesting metrics we find when we work with our 
> customers is the Friend Count (number of friend links) for each of 
> their consumers.  We see a repeatable curve in a typical client's 
> consumer list: there are many consumers with zero friends; many with 
> low numbers of friends, and then a targeted percentage that have 100 
> friends or more. 
>  According to a Rapleaf study published in 2008*, about 80% of social 
> media users have between 0-100 friends, and 20% have 100 or more 
> friends: the 80-20 rule. 
> In the world of social media, Friend Count is a key metric of the 
> influence of each consumer.  A consumer who loves your brand and has 
> 100 online friends is much more valuable than a consumer with just one 
> friend.  And, of course, a consumer that has a bad experience with 
> your product and has 300 friends is a concern multiplied. Many of our 
> clients are now flagging high Friend Count consumers in their database 
> both for a higher level of marketing and customer service.

More data in their press release...


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