Dear Dan
I have an interest in this area although my work only skirts at the edges of the topic.  I have an article under review on the social capital of elites comparing a number of different EU regions and testing the Nan Lin set of hypotheses.  But this is not what you probably have in mind.  I have also agreed to contribute to a substantial research project next academic year based at a department of geography, where we will look at integrating social networks and spatial models but again publications are a couple of years away.
Geographers and Urban Planners have increasingly integrated relational concepts into their models.  Human geography has followed the interest of the rest of the social sciences on social capital for instance.  
Most geographers are familiar with graph theory through the use of spatial networks and spatial autocorrelations (check the Tulip software for instance).  Then economic geographers have been employing concepts of regional clustering, regional innovation systems and knowledge flows for decades. 
I have found the following sources interesting:
Wong, Pattison & Robins (2006) 'A spatial model for social networks' Physica A
Johnson & Giles (2000) 'Spatial Social Networks' Review of Economic Design
Liben-Nowell et al (2005) 'Geographic routing in social networks' PNAS
Bathelt & Gluckert (2003) 'Towards a relational economic geography' Journal of Economic Geography
Ter-Wal & Boschma (2008) 'Applying Social Network Analysis in economic Geography' Annals of Regional Science 
Green (2007) 'Functional Polycentricity: A Formal Definition of Terms in Social Network Analysis' Urban Studies 
Strihan (2008) 'A network based approach to regional borders: the case of Belgium' Regional Studies
hope useful
Dr Dimitris C Christopoulos
Senior Lecturer
Department of Politics
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol  BS16  1QY


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Subject: combining spatial networks with social networks

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I've just started to read papers that combine spatial networks with social
networks. This combination promises to answer research questions in
different areas (e.g., organizational studies, architecture). I was
wondering  which questions are most relevant and which have received little
attention so far. Also, could you please suggest any must-reading in this
area? Thanks! Dan.

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