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Dear all,

The political sociology network of the European Sociological Association (ESA) invites papers on political networks - panel 5 below.

Final date for Abstract-submission is 26 February 2009.

Gergei Farkas
Department of Sociology
Stockholm University


For the ESA conference in Lisbon 2009 the political sociology network invites paper submissions on the following set of topics:

1. Citizenship and Governance – in particular, the reconfiguration of citizenship as an institution and a set of practices. These include the devolution of social citizenship and local participatory forms of democracy, the mobility of European citizens and the situation of "transnational villagers" living across two nation-states.

2. Political Attitudes – in particular, empirical and theoretical studies of populism in Europe, populist parties and movements, their impact on public opinion; ‘soft populism’ and personalisation of politics.

3. Political communication – in particular assessments of public communications by international organisations such as the EU and the impact of new publics (e.g. as constituted through the New Media).

4. Organized civil society and advocacy coalitions - civil society organizations and their impact on decision making (both empirical and theoretical perspectives); issues of accountability, internal democracy, transparency and the governance role of civil society organizations; associations and deliberative democracy.

5. Governance Structures and Political Institutions - we are particularly interested in empirical and theoretical studies of political networks and elites.

The deadline for submissions is 26 February 2009. Additional clarification of the Lisbon topics is available on the website of the Political Sociology Network: . 

All submissions must be made through on the online submission form on: In your abstract, please indicate your panel preferences.

Carlo Ruzza [log in to unmask]

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