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Sven Jørgensen, Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Copenhagen University<>
Editor-in-chief of Ecological Modeling
Recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize for the Outstanding Contributions to the Ecology of the World’s Lakes and Wetlands, and the Prigogine Award

Monday February 23, 2009
3pm – 5pm        Seminar and Discussion, 209 Emerson Hall

Title:  A New Ecology

Current developments in ecosystem theory to understand ecological complexity, particularly those incorporating and applying thermodynamic principles, are making it possible to integrate various ecosystem approaches into a consistent theoretical framework. The time, therefore, seems mature to apply this theory to explain observations, published in the ecological literature, that typically lack linkages to ecological theory or other rule-based explanations. This paper presents the foundations of that theory of ecological complexity in twelve observational principles and summarizes the results from a review of a number of papers using the principles to explain ecological observations. The theory will continue to evolve and be modified as more test cases are made, however, here literature based explanations of some ecological observations published in the ecological literature are presented to illustrate how the ecosystem theory is applied in this context.

Seminar in the Adaptive Management: Water Wetlands and Watersheds IGERT "Integrative Science for a Complex World" Lecture Series
Co-hosted by the Water Institute Smallwood Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series:

Tuesday February 24, 2009
1pm – 2:30        Discuss modeling, the future of modeling, new paradigms in ecology, recent developments in ecological modeling, structurally dynamic modeling, ecological network analysis, and othe topics of interest.
Frazier-Rogers 122