Hello Listers,

At Truman State University, we are creating several success workshops  
for students.  One of these workshops in "Be an Active Class  
Participant."    In this workshop, we will discuss a few topics  
relating to how students can prepare for class in order to be an  
active participant.  We wanted to have a short article for students to  
read regarding the benefits of engaging in course material, whether it  
be reading, tutoring, study groups, talking to friends about the  
subject, going over or refining your notes, etc.  Students who engage  
in their course materials are better prepared and have a greater  
chance at success.

Does anyone have any ideas that come to mind for an article.  We  
wanted it to be a couple pages so students would have time to read and  
then discuss it.  One portion of the work shop will use the Graff and  
Birkenstein book, They Say, I Say in which students will look at  
different discussion templates that they can use in class to link  
their ideas to the thoughts of others in class.  Our thought is to  
have students read the article and utilize a few of these templates in  
a discussion.  We wanted to give facilitators 2-3 articles to choose  
from.  Any article ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


PS.  I also would like to thank those folks who contacted me about my  
posts not coming through.  Thanks!

Todd S. Phillips
Director, Student Success Center
Truman State University
112B Kirk Building
100 East Normal Street
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660)785-4118 fax
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