Dear sustainability organization leaders,

Please pass the following opportunity along to your members:

How will you get your new green job?

Barack Obama and other U.S. leaders are calling for millions of 
new "green" jobs, and a cap-and-trade plan to limit greenhouse gas 
(GHG) emissions. More than 98% of climate change leaders believe 
that measuring and accounting for emissions is a critical step 
toward managing climate change.

The problem? No university in the country teaches these skills, 
which could lead to a workforce shortage that will severely limit 
our ability to implement emissions regulations and solve global 
climate change.

The solution? Campus Climate Solutions, a new locally-based 
company, is proud to announce Gainesville???s first course in GHG 
Accounting and Management!

Who should take this course:
*Anyone interested in learning how organizations of all sizes can 
become carbon-neutral
*Anyone wishing to gain basic skills in emissions measurement and 
management methods *Students, recent graduates and/or current 
professionals in any field wishing to expand their expertise and 
gain an edge in today???s competitive job market, or those who 
wish to help their own organization measure and manage their 

The course will be taught on Tuesdays, 12pm-2pm, beginning March 
31st, and ending May 5th. Classes meet near campus, as SFC???s 
Center for Innovation and Economic Development (530 W. University 
Ave.). The fee for the course is $290 for the public, but students 
who elect to complete a GHG related project can take the class for 
just $90. Also, any student who completes our class is guaranteed 
an internship with one of our industry partners!

Registration is now open, and space is limited! For more 
information, including our brochure, a detailed course 
description, and registration information, visit:  For questions on Campus Climate 
Solutions and our services, please contact Alison Erlenbach at 
(321)298-0059, or via e-mail at [log in to unmask]