Ryan is absolutely right; widespread deployment of natural gas vehicles
(NGVs) creates alternative pathways for development of low-carbon and
zero-carbon renewable motor fuels and infrastructure. NGVs actually create
not one, but at least three new pathways to commercialization, as follows:
1. biomethane and / or 2. biohydrogen refined from waste and / or cellulose
using either thermal or biological processes, and
3. renewable hydrogen produced by the electrolysis of water using "clean
electrons" produced from distributed primary renewable energy sources, such
as solar, wind, ocean current or ocean waves. Production of a chemical fuel,
hydrogen, is one zero-carbon method of storing renewable energy until needed
to do useful work.

The commercial deployment of all renewable energy sources and technologies
will be accelerated if society has the collective wisdom anc courage to find
ways to use the massive investment in electric and natural gas
infrastructure to leverge distributed uses of renewable energy sources to
produce and distribute both biogas fuels and electricity for use in motor
vehicles and to power our buildings.

Decision makers must be taught to create performance based policies that
eliminated market barriers, level the playing field and support the
widespread deployment of the cleanest, safest integrated, highly efficient
energy systems possible using low carbon and zero-carbon energy carriers.

Let's get AT&T to include Florida in their deployment of NGVs.


David E. Bruderly PE
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Subject: Food Waste Friday #9: AT&T converts 8000 vehicles to natural gas

Happy Friday BESTSers,

      I apologize for missing Food Waste Friday last week; I was 
on vacation in the Northeast.  While there I was pleasantly 
surprised to see natural gas powered buses roaming the streets.  
Although natural gas is a fossil fuel and therefore inherently 
unsustainable, natural gas powered vehicles can also run on 
purified biogas.  These vehicles represent a potential market for 
biogas as a vehicular fuel, once anaerobic digestion goes 
mainstream.  In light of my inspiration, I'm posting this article 
about a major switch over to natural gas vehicles by AT&T.

Have a great weekend and come out to the green garden cooperative