News Flash!! Please take a look at the Big Fix Rig we have been GIVEN!!
We are working on sustainability here.An animal population that is
sustainable.No more healthy dogs and cats put down every day,every
week.This rig will get us up and going til we can build or renovate a
permanent site.Please pass on this info to anyone you think might want
to know about it.Thanks,Chris

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Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 10:09 AM
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Dear friends,


I am very excited to share with you today that Humane Alliance, the
nation's leading spay/neuter program has agreed to donate to No More
Homeless Pets it's "Big Fix Rig". The Rig is a 53-foot trailer capable
of providing for the spay and neuter of up to 120 cats and small dogs in
a single day. This state-of the-art mobile clinic was specially designed
and built to provide the highest quality of surgery for large numbers of
animals. It comes equipped with surgical instruments, an autoclave
sterilizer, anesthesia machines and surgical tables for up to four
veterinarians operating at a time. The Rig can also double as a disaster
response vehicle if needed.


It's quite an honor to be selected from among all the terrific
spay/neuter programs in the country. Welcoming the Big Fix Rig into
Gainesville kicks off a major spay/neuter program in our community to
help end the tragedy of pet overpopulation. Free and low-cost neutering
will be focused on those who need it most: pets in low-income
households, pit bulls, and feral cats. 

Please click on to see
pictures and learn more about this spectacular vehicle.


While the gift of this Rig is valued at more than $100,000, NMHP still
has to raise approximately $ 12,000 to transport the vehicle, prepare
its installation site, and train its new veterinary staff.  I hope you
were able to forward the earlier communication from Chris Machen
regarding the fundraising efforts of NMHP and the thank you party to
follow.  Please share this wonderful news with your friends and
colleagues and again ask that they consider donating to our cause
through our web site, or by mail to the address below.  The
site also contains a very informative video I hope you will view and
will include pictures of the "Rig" soon so check back often!


For the animals....



Dale C. Smith

Executive Director

No More Homeless Pets, Inc.

PO Box 141023

Gainesville, FL 32614

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352.317.0550 (Cell - preferred)