Feel free to contact me about our Language Arts program any time. 

Also, I went to the COE website and saw that there are several UB programs
in Arizona. This may be helpful if you want some local collaboration. See
the attached directory.

Your state or regional TRIO listserve may also be a good resource. 

Reggie Jean
Boston University Upward Bound
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Subject: Upward Bound Programs

 I have just been assigned the task of developing a reading component for
the Upward Bound Program that was just started on our campus.  We will be
working with high school freshman and sophmores this summer and continue
working with them throughout their high school careers.  Is there anyone in
the list serve who has this program on their campus?  Is there anyone who
has suggestions or names of people who run their program who I could contact
with questions.
     I have been accumulating some ideas for this age group and I am
planning to include a section on my Web Site for Upward Bound but I am
always looking for more ideas.
 I am a firm believer in the theory that all of us are smarter than any of
us alone.  So if you know the names of people running your program-the
reading component or if you have experience with it, let me know. Thanks.

Marty Frailey
Lead Faculty Reading- Downtown Campus
office CC272
phone  (520) 206-7020, fax (520) 206-7044
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" The vicarious experience of reading can shape our essence, change us, just
as firsthand experience can. Experience seems to be as transfusible as
blood."    Sydney Jourard 1971.

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