Hi Pat,
I own both of them and they are more of a framework for determining
metadata, with representative but not dispositive values. From ISO 23081-2:
"While this Technical Specification contains a simple set of descriptive
metadata elements, specific application domains need to define their
own descriptive metadata elements."

You might look at the NISO "Guidelines for Understanding Metadata" at;<>
not providing a definitive list either, it does introduce a number of other
guidelines and shows examples from them.

Couple more points to consider:
1. They are copyrighted and not available for casual redistribution; then
again, they might be a valuable acquisition for your library and they are
not egregiously expensive.

2. You don't mention what the usage is, but if it is to define metadata
fields for an application, I think it's always worthwhile to mention that
the more fields are provided, the more users will resist filling them all
in. Automation is definitely advised wherever possible.

And one last troll-point: AIIM offers modules on metadata as part of several
of its courses, notably the ERM, ECM, and IOA courses. The modules are also
available as individual courses for a substantially lower fee. Anyone who
wants more information on those please feel free to contact me directly.


Jesse Wilkins
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